Breaking Bad
Drama  9.5/10
25: Breakage(April 5, 2009 – long ago)
Hank deals with some lingering aftereffects from his confrontation with Tuco; bills are piling up at the White house and tensions are beginning to run high; Jesse organizes a crew of dealers to take their product to the streets.
1.Breaking Bad 2009 S2 E5 DiSC II DVDRip x264 AC3-iCMAL
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long ago

A.K.A. BR: Breaking Bad: A Química do Mal  CN: 绝命毒师  HU: Totál szívás  IL: Shover shurot  IR: بدبیاری  JP: Bureikingu baddo  KR: 브레이킹 배드  LT: Bręstantis blogis  PT: Breaking Bad: Ruptura Total  SK: Perníkový tatko