Breaking Bad
Drama  9.5/10
23: Bit by a Dead Bee(March 22, 2009 – long ago)
Walt and Jesse attempt to cover their tracks and distance themselves from Tuco, but they soon find that business is taking a hit along with their financial situation. Meanwhile, Hank and his DEA investigation into the meth ring get a major break that just might put Walt and Jesse in their crosshairs.

A.K.A. BR: Breaking Bad: A Química do Mal  CN: 绝命毒师  HU: Totál szívás  IL: Shover shurot  IR: بدبیاری  JP: Bureikingu baddo  KR: 브레이킹 배드  LT: Bręstantis blogis  PT: Breaking Bad: Ruptura Total  SK: Perníkový tatko