Tito and the Birds (2019)

Adventure / Animation / Drama / Fantasy • 73 minutes
Starring: Pedro Henrique Mateus Solano Denise Fraga Matheus Nachtergaele and others.
Released • February 14, 2019

Tito is a shy 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother. Suddenly, an unusual epidemic starts to spread, making people sick whenever they get scared. Tito quickly discovers that the cure is somehow related to his missing father’s research on bird song. He embarks on a journey to save the world from the epidemic with his friends. Tito’s search for the antidote becomes a quest for his missing father and for his own identity.

Tito and The Birds 提托与鸟儿们 2018 中英字幕 BDrip 1080P-自由译者联盟.torrent

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A.K.A. DE: Tito e os Pássaros  ES: Tito y los pájaros  FR: Tito et les Oiseaux  PT: Tito e os Pássaros  RU: Тито и птицы