Russian South (2021)

Comedy / Romance
Starring: Semyon Treskunov Stasya Miloslavskaya Rinal Mukhametov Roman Madyanov Alexandr Metelkin and others.
Released • March 4, 2021

Student Artem falls in love with a young beauty from the Black Sea. Having lost his head, he drops everything and goes for his beloved to the Russian South, about which he knows nothing. At sea it turns out that the beautiful Ksyusha is already being looked after by two serious local competitors - a handsome sailor and a daring policeman. It seems that the naive student simply has no chance. Even the help of his new friends seems to only get in the way. But our hero is not going to give up: it means war!

A.K.A. DE: Рашн Юг  ES: Рашн Юг  FR: Рашн Юг  PT: Рашн Юг  RU: Рашн Юг