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1.The Matrix Resurrections (2021)
Post Production • December 15, 2021 • Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / Thriller
A continuation of the story established in the first Matrix film, reuniting cinematic icons Neo & Trinity as they venture back into the Matrix and even deeper down the rabbit hole. A mind-bending...
2.Deadlock (2021)
Released • December 3, 2021 • Action / Thriller
Mack is a former soldier who, after the war, moved to a town with a nuclear power plant, where nearly everybody works. Life is peaceful for him there, until a gang of mercenaries led by Ron storm...
3.Wolf (2021)
Released • December 3, 2021 • Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Jacob, a man who believes he is a wolf trapped in a human body, is sent to a clinic by his family where he is forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of "curative" therapies at the hands of...
4.Last Shoot Out (2021)
Released • December 3, 2021 • Action / Thriller / Western
Soon after a newlywed learns that her husband had her father shot down, she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear. She's rescued by a gunman who safeguards her at a remote outpost as he staves off...
5.Red Stone (2021)
Released • December 3, 2021 • Crime / Thriller
With one bullet, Motley’s life spirals out of control as he’s forced to go on the run from the ruthless crime lord, Jed Haywood. The brother of Haywood's best friend Boons recently died in a...
6.Castle Falls (2021)
Released • December 3, 2021 • Action / Thriller
Rival gangs seek out millions of dollars hidden inside a luxury condominium that's scheduled to be demolished, but first they have to deal with the demolition prep crewman who found the loot first.
7.The Survivalist (2021)
Released • December 2, 2021 • Action / Thriller
A year and a half after the fall of civilization from a virus outbreak, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman, who is immune to the disease, from a dangerous gang hunting her led by...
8.The Advent Calendar (2021)
Released • December 1, 2021 • Horror / Thriller
Eva, an ex-dancer, is now living in a wheelchair, unable to walk. When her friend Sophie gives her an old wooden antique advent calendar before Christmas, she realizes each window contains a...
9.Lapwing (2021)
Released • November 26, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
Mute young woman Patience, from an isolated community in rural England in 1555, struggles with her controlling brother-in-law and leader, David, who is gradually unraveling after the failure of his...
10.Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021)
Released • November 25, 2021 • Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Satyameva Jayate 2 revolves around the fight against injustice and misuse of power. From police and politicians to industrialists and a common man, the film will explore corruption in all spheres.
11.The Unforgivable (2021)
Released • November 24, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
Released from prison into a society that won't forgive her past, a woman seeks redemption by searching for the sister she left behind.
12.House of Gucci (2021)
Released • November 24, 2021 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
When Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal,...
13.Dhamaka (2021)
Released • November 19, 2021 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
When a cynical ex-TV news anchor gets an alarming call on his radio show, he sees a chance for a career comeback — but it may cost his conscience.
14.Boiling Point (2021)
Released • November 19, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
A head chef balances multiple personal and professional crises at a popular restaurant in London.
15.100 (2021)
Released • November 19, 2021 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
Honest police officer Vishnu seems to have the perfect professional and personal life. When a stranger named Harsha, who manipulates and cheats women online, enters his life, he's in for a...
16.The Feast (2021)
Released • November 19, 2021 • Horror / Thriller
A wealthy family hosts a sumptuous dinner, only for a mysterious young server to chillingly unravel their lives with terrifying consequences they could never see coming.
17.Lead Me Home (2021)
Released • November 18, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
Four persecutors. Four victims. Appearances can be deceiving. Monsters are not as dangerous as the people behind them.
18.Zeros and Ones (2021)
Released • November 18, 2021 • Science Fiction / Thriller / War
Called to Rome to stop an imminent terrorist bombing, a soldier desperately seeks news of his imprisoned brother — a rebel with knowledge that could thwart the attack. Navigating the capital's...
19.Lovers (2021)
Released • November 17, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
Set in Paris the story follows Lisa, who, while on vacation with her husband, rekindles a passionate affair with her ex-boyfriend. But that may lead to a murder.
20.Night Night (2021)
Released • November 16, 2021 • Thriller
After waking up from a horrific car accident, April must find a way to work through her trauma and a will to survive a recovery from hell.