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1.Spring Song (2021)
Released • April 21, 2021 • Adventure / Music
One winter, Yu Jun-sang and Lee Jun-hwa, the two members of a band “J and Joy 20” get on a flight to Japan with an impulse to film a music video. They set off to Japan, without any actors or themes...
2.99 Songs (2021)
Released • April 16, 2021 • Drama / Music / Romance
Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman's quest to understand his purpose and passion. To overcome the challenges that stand between him and everything he cares for; to prove himself and the love for his...
3.Creation Stories (2021)
Released • April 15, 2021 • Drama / Music
The true story of the rise and fall of Creation Records and its infamous founder Alan McGee; the man responsible for supplying the “Brit Pop” soundtrack to the ‘90s, a decade of cultural...
4.The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)
Released • March 31, 2021 • Drama / History / Music
Billie Holiday spent much of her career being adored by fans. In the 1940's, the government targeted Holiday in a growing effort to racialize the war on drugs, ultimately aiming to stop her from...
5.A Week Away (2021)
Released • March 26, 2021 • Drama / Family / Music / Romance
Troubled teen Will Hawkins has a run-in with the law that puts him at an important crossroad: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. At first a fish-out-of-water, Will opens...
6.The Box (2021)
Released • March 24, 2021 • Drama / Music
A drama about a young man aspiring to become a singer and a washed-up former hit producer. The two men head off on a road trip filled with music and jamming sessions.
7.Moxie (2021)
Released • March 3, 2021 • Comedy / Drama / Music
Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.
8.Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry (2021)
Released • February 26, 2021 • Documentary / Music
This documentary offers a deeply intimate look at extraordinary teenager Billie Eilish. Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler follows her journey on the road, onstage, and at home with her family as...
9.Tuesdays And Fridays (2021)
Released • February 19, 2021 • Comedy / Music / Romance
Two millennials get into a relationship where they are allowed to meet only on 'Tuesdays & Fridays'.