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1.Great God Monkey (2020)
Released • May 15, 2020 • Action / Comedy / Fantasy
Sun Xiaotian who recovered the mana, began a spiritual journey with Dongfang Mo,Yang Jiuli, and Ting Ting. They traveled all the way west, passing through the Ewha City in the Black Bone Mountain...
2.Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)
Released • May 5, 2020 • Action / Adventure / Animation / Fantasy / Science Fiction
Earth is decimated after intergalactic tyrant Darkseid has devastated the Justice League in a poorly executed war by the DC Super Heroes. Now the remaining bastions of good – the Justice League,...
3.The Enchanting Phantom (2020)
Released • May 1, 2020 • Adventure / Fantasy
A timeless love story of a scholar who falls in love with a female ghost and tries to free her from eternal servitude to a demon. Scholar Ning Cai Chen heads to the capital to take the state...
4.Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020)
Released • April 12, 2020 • Action / Adventure / Animation / Fantasy
After the vicious slaughter of his family by stone-cold mercenary Sub-Zero, Hanzo Hasashi is exiled to the torturous Netherrealm. There, in exchange for his servitude to the sinister Quan Chi, he’s...
5.She Never Died (2020)
Released • April 2, 2020 • Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller
Lacey, a socially detached loner is cursed with immortality and a never-ending tedium of existence. In her attempts to keep her compulsions in check, she seeks out the darkest souls humanity has...
6.Are We In Love? (2020)
Released • March 25, 2020 • Fantasy / Romance
So Jung has had a pretty miserable life so far. Beset by ill fortune, her mother is ill, and it seems that whatever she turns her hand to ends up in failure. She works in a coffee shop run by the...
7.Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020)
Released • March 19, 2020 • Animation / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Science Fiction
On the planet Latimer, Takeshi Kovacs must protect a tattooist while investigating the death of a yakuza boss alongside a no-nonsense CTAC.
8.Trolls World Tour (2020)
Released • March 12, 2020 • Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Music
Queen Poppy and Branch make a surprising discovery — there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, and their distinct differences create big clashes between these various tribes. When a mysterious...
9.Lucky Chan-sil (2020)
Released • March 5, 2020 • Drama / Fantasy / Romance
After losing her job, Chansil, a movie producer, moves to a small mountain village. The owner of her house, an old lady looks suspicious, and what she does to earn a living is unfamiliar to her....
10.Onward (2020)
Released • February 29, 2020 • Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
In a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there.
11.Wendy (2020)
Released • February 28, 2020 • Adventure / Family / Fantasy
A re-imagining of "Peter Pan" from the point of view of Wendy Darling, who finds herself lost on a mysterious island where aging and time have come unglued. She must fight to save her family, her...
12.Mortal (2020)
Released • February 28, 2020 • Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Fantasy adventure origin story about a young man discovering he has God-like powers based on ancient Norwegian mythology.
13.Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty (2020)
Released • February 28, 2020 • Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Science Fiction
Geiz, Majesty is the first installment of the Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME series of V-Cinema films for Kamen Rider Zi-O. It focuses on the character Geiz Myokoin.