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Bridge (2020)
Released • May 15, 2020 • Documentary
On August 1st, 2007, the sudden collapse of the I-35W bridge in downtown Minneapolis shaped a community. Spencer Patzman’s debut documentary follows the many personal stories of one tragedy and the...
2.Basketball County: In the Water (2020)
Released • May 15, 2020 • Documentary
This documentary film examines how NBA star Kevin Durant’s hometown of Prince George’s County, Maryland, has recently produced more elite basketball players than anywhere else in the world.
3.Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020)
Released • May 11, 2020 • Documentary
Celebrities recall their most mind-bending trips via animations, reenactments and more in this comedic documentary exploring the story of psychedelics.
4.Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (2020)
Released • April 29, 2020 • Documentary
After 16-year-old Cyntoia Brown is sentenced to life in prison, questions about her past, physiology and the law itself call her guilt into question.
5.A Secret Love (2020)
Released • April 29, 2020 • Documentary
Amid shifting times, two women kept their decades-long love a secret. But coming out later in life comes with its own set of challenges.
6.Andres Iniesta, The Unexpected Hero (2020)
Released • April 23, 2020 • Documentary
This is the story of a normal person who does extraordinary things. Someone who pursues and achieves triumphs through taking care of the small details, because these are, after all, the ones that...
7.Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (2020)
Released • March 25, 2020 • Documentary
Down the road from Woodstock in the early 1970s, a revolution blossomed in a ramshackle summer camp for disabled teenagers, transforming their young lives and igniting a landmark movement.
8.After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News (2020)
Released • March 19, 2020 • Documentary
An investigation into the ongoing threat caused by the phenomenon of “fake news” in the U.S., focusing on the real-life consequences that disinformation, conspiracy theories and false news stories...
9.I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland (2020)
Released • March 17, 2020 • Adventure / Documentary / Drama
I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical re-enactments, expert interviews and Patrick's own writings, experience the journey...