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The Greatest Gift (2021)
Released • September 16, 2021 • Family / Fantasy
In ancient times, our land was ruled by pagan gods and goddesses. But what happens when they start getting involved in people's lives and vice versa? Will Morena, the goddess of winter, win, or...
2.Boys from County Hell (2021)
Released • August 6, 2021 • Comedy / Horror
A crew of hardy road workers, led by a bickering Father and Son, must survive the night when they accidentally awaken an ancient Irish vampire.
3.Kud Wafter (2021)
Released • July 16, 2021 • Animation / Comedy / Romance
The anime adaptation of Key's visual novel Kud Wafter, which follows the romantic relationship between Riki Naoe and Kudryavka Noumi from the game Little Busters!
4.Tokyo Revengers (2021)
Post Production • June 30, 2021 • Action / Drama
The story centers on an unemployed man who learns that his ex-girlfriend was murdered. He suddenly finds himself travelling through time to his middle school years and has chance to change the...
5.Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park (2021)
Released • June 24, 2021 • Animation / Comedy / Family / Music
When Bodi and his band 'True Blue' leave Snow Mountain, to tour with pop sensation, Lil' Foxy, they learn that fame comes at a price.
6.Sk8r Grrl (2021)
Released • June 22, 2021 • Fantasy
A gang of skater girls use newfound magic to save New York City from a coven of reptilian witches.
7.Edge of the World (2021)
Released • June 21, 2021 • Adventure / Drama / History
Biopic about Sir James Brooke, the British adventurer who became King of Sarawak in the 1840's and embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy and head-hunting - only to face charges of murder and...
8.Together (2021)
Released • June 21, 2021 • Comedy / Drama / TV Movie
A husband and wife are forced to re-evaluate themselves and their relationship through the reality of the Covid-19 lockdown.
9.Jagame Thandhiram (2021)
Released • June 18, 2021 • Action / Crime
When a clever, carefree gangster is recruited to help an overseas crime lord take down a rival, he is caught off guard by the moral dilemmas that follow.
10.Fatherhood (2021)
Released • June 18, 2021 • Comedy / Drama / Family
A widowed new dad copes with doubts, fears, heartache and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughter on his own. Inspired by a true story.
11.Plan B (2021)
Released • June 18, 2021 • Comedy
After a regrettable first sexual encounter, a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America's heartland.
12.The Birthday Cake (2021)
Released • June 17, 2021 • Crime / Thriller
On the 10th anniversary of his father's death, Giovanni reluctantly accepts the task of bringing a cake to the home of his uncle, a mob boss, for a celebration. Just two hours into the night, Gio's...
13.Luca (2021)
Released • June 17, 2021 • Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, Disney and Pixar’s original feature film “Luca” is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with...
14.Historias lamentables (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Comedy
This satirical anthology tells the surreal stories of a gift for Don Horacio, a trip to the beach for Bermejo, a life-changing relationship between Tina and the young immigrant Ayoub, and a new...
15.Censor (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Horror
Film censor Enid takes pride in her meticulous work, guarding unsuspecting audiences from the deleterious effects of watching the gore-filled decapitations and eye gougings she pores over. Her...
16.12 Mighty Orphans (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Drama / History
Haunted by his mysterious past, a devoted high school football coach leads a scrawny team of orphans to the state championship during the Great Depression and inspires a broken nation along the way.
17.Final Stop (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Thriller
A driver is confronted by years of pent up trauma and unresolved emotional damage when he meets the love of his life and her abusive boyfriend. It's one hell of a ride.
18.A Perfect Enemy (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Drama / Thriller
Successful architect Jeremy Angust is approached on his trip to the Tokyo International Airport by a chatty girl called Texel Textor. She is a strange young woman who seems to be looking for...
19.Holler (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Drama
In a forgotten pocket of Southern Ohio where American manufacturing and opportunity are drying up, a determined young woman finds a ticket out when she is accepted to college. Alongside her older...
20.Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway (2021)
Released • June 11, 2021 • Action / Animation / Drama / Science Fiction
32 years after Char's Counterattack, Hathaway Noa inherits a new generation.